Once upon a time… there I was, a little girl who dreamt of a mysterious, round world, wrapping her mind around intricate thoughts, ideas and vivid imagination.

My roots go way back into the eerie land of Transylvania, a frontier land where stories and myths come together to spark the imagination of those who are set on the path of becoming artists of all kinds.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was exploring the artfulness of everyday life, leading me years later, into pursuing the creative path and becoming a visual artist.

I had the opportunity, from an early age to travel often around the world, which contributed greatly to my visual vocabulary and development of my visual culture.

All I’ve experienced during living abroad, flavors, colors, shapes and sounds have been envisioned and embodied into my work.

I followed the footsteps of the majority of my family by entering the Law School. After graduation, I felt something was missing and I decided that it was best to listen to my inner voice , and start living the dream I had always had within – to paint.

So, one day, I decided to leave everything behind and start a new life. I got a divorce, took my two kids and started learning to paint at the age of 29, making my family desperate at the idea of me leaving a lawyer career that had just started to become an Artist.

I found my vocation in Arts so everything I did was received with great openness .I was and still am in an incredible flow, where everything connects and art as an emotion glues it all together .

After the first year I started painting , I had my first exhibition organized by a former Belle Arte university teacher who saw potential in my arts and believed in me. Ever since, I have had private and collective exhibitions held at most prestigious venues of Art Galleries and the National Peasant Museum, in the country and abroad.

My work is a representation of the unconscious self, a concentric figure that depicts the nature of the creator’s mind… it could extend to infinite, reflecting the shape of the exterior universe and most important, the state of inner perfection we all tend to achieve.The world as we know it is broken down and recreated through symbols and stories.

As a lover and explorer of folklore, I wanted to decrypt the meanings and ramifications of ethnic creations and mythology using cultural traditions and symbolic images such as the Tree of Life, the Evening Star, the Sun and the Stars, flowers and ornamental geometric shapes, wings and initiation flights, circles and intricate tapestries.

Returning to the Symbol as a manifestation of positive thinking, translating and integrating visual mythological treasures into the daily flow of life…all these lead us to opening up to the archaic. The symbol is a collective echo that resonates in the heart of men and women through its significance and complexity.

The “mandala” is a “magic circle.” Basically it is an environment. The universe is our environment in cosmic dimensions.

I always had the idea of making art more accessible and after two years into the art field I have created and founded a brand Marie Nouvelle (a new Marie ) . I have also become an entrepreneur .It is at its core an applied arts project in which all of the products embody patterns and visuals from my paintings and personal exhibitions.

Marie Nouvelle is a premium brand that promotes art in various forms and shapes, art which is embodied in products like scarves, dresses, blouses, all of them made from 100% pure silk .

Each scarf designed carries within itself a mood. It captures the exact moment from the canvas.

Each product is made with immense passion and dedication.

It is a personal statement , a contribution, a point of view in this great big world.

I stand behind the products I’ve created .

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